Are the members of the Dike Fire Department Paid or Volunteer?

Dike Fire/Rescue is a 100% volunteer fire department.

Why do so many fire trucks respond to simple incidents?

Dike Fire/Rescue units are dispatched by the Grundy County Sheriff Department according to the information received by the 9-1-1 Dispatcher. Dike Fire/Rescue responds with adequate resources when responding to your emergency. In other words, the firefighters are prepared to deal with the worst that could happen. Discovering that we need more units once we arrive is often too late. We have learned from experience that it is better to have too much help than not enough. A structure fire requires a number of people to do all the assigned tasks almost simultaneously. Firefighting teams are assigned certain responsibilities such as fire extinguishment, search and rescue, ventilation, salvage, safety, accountability and rapid intervention teams.

Why do I see Fire Trucks from other cities responding to calls in Dike?

When we respond to calls we try to prepare to deal with the worst that could happen. Dike Fire/Rescue is a member of the Grundy County Mutual Aid Association. Due to our manpower and apparatus, we have in place a predestinated response plan for other Grundy County fire departments to respond to large scale incidents in our area under the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS). We also have an automatic aid agreement with the Stout Fire Department. So, if the response dictates, you may see fire trucks from various fire department in Grundy County to assist us with manpower and apparatus.

Why do Dike Fire Rescue trucks respond to emergency medical calls?

Dike Firefighters are trained as First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Our primary mission is to save lives and alleviate suffering. The Dike Fire Department can arrive quickly and begin emergency medical treatment or life saving techniques such as CPR and/or use automatic cardiac defibrillators (AED's). Dike Fire Department First Responders, EMTs arrive on the scene quickly and stabilize the patient’s medical condition. The Dike Fire Department also provides ambulance services to provide transport to the hospital.

Are tours of the firehouses available?

Yes, please call (319)989-2161 to schedule a tour.

What other services does the Dike Fire/Rescue offer?

  • Public Fire Safety Education

  • Fire Extinguisher Training

  • Child Safety Seat Checks by Appointment

There is a fire hydrant near my house, am I required to maintain it?

Yes and No, The City of Dike performs all the required maintenance on the fire hydrants in the city limits. You are required to provide adequate access to the hydrant by clearing all debris and snow from around the hydrant.